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Simple & Cute Ideas for Classroom Party Fun

by Stephanie Clinton

When it comes to classroomparties, homeroomparents can often feelthe pressure to perform.Thanks to the plethora of ideas readilyavailable on Pinterest, the pressureto provide over-the-top themes,decorations, and recipes can get alittle overwhelming. And with classparty season is upon us—Halloween,fall festivals, Thanksgiving and theChristmas holidays—it’s enough to setthe “Pin it” button on fire.

If you are questioning whether the kids inyour child’s class will even notice the super cuteprintables, banners with fun fonts and one of akind crafts, you are not alone. But, what is a momto do when the crafter deep inside us wantsthe fun themes and uniquedecorations that go with it?

There may be a way to satisfythat inner Martha Stewart,give the kids what they enjoyand not break the bank in theprocess.

DIY, Reuseable Decorations

Banners, chalkboards andchalkboard paint are reallypopular right now. Using achalkboard to decorate forclass parties is a fun way touse this popular item, and itcan be reused for party after party. As an addedbonus, many home improvement stores provideplywood already painted with chalkboard paint ontheir lumber aisle for around $10. Use it to createa fun sign, serve goodies on it or even use it toplay games. During the holidays, draw a snowmanand play pin thenose on Frosty.The possibilities areendless—and, at theend of the party, aquick erase and it isready to go for thenext party.

Quick and Easy Themed Banners

When it comesto cute banners youdon’t need a fancycutting machine. Visit your local craft store andselect a few sheets of fun paper in the scrapbookingaisle. You can purchase the paper by the sheet forpocket change, making it easy to coordinate withthe holiday or party theme For added flexibility,mix in with coordinating primary colors or schoolcolors. Then, simply cut out triangle shapes of yourdesired size. Use clothes pins to attach them toa ribbon and you have an instant, adorably cutebanner.

Want even less work for yourself? Cut out atriangle from card stock then set the kids to workcutting out the number you need for the banner.Have younger children trace the shape on thewrong side of the paper and let older kiddos cutthem out.

Fun Food

When it comes to the perfect food to serve atyour class shindig, stick with what you know. Don’ttry a complicated recipe on kids who probablywon’t appreciate all the hardwork and how late you stayedup the night before preparinga masterpiece. Simply renamekid-friendly food to fit withinyour party theme. While theymay have just been greengrapes on October 30th, theyturn into “Monster Eyeballs”on October 31st. Fresh figsbecome “Heart of Rat” and youcan make “Friendly Ghosts” bydipping Nutter Butter cookiesin melted white chocolate anduse mini-chocolate chips foreyes. How easy was that?

The most important lesson for us overachievingmoms? When it comes to class parties, rememberthat simple can be just as cute—and give you moretime to enjoy the celebration.

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