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Natural Grocers

2120 SW 89th St,
OKC, Oklahoma 73159

Established back in 1955, Natural Grocers is your family-run, neighborhood grocery store that’s committed to improving the health of humans, local communities and the planet. Their products have a purpose: to support the health and well-being of our communities. It's that simple. And it's that complex. They do the searching and the vetting to find the best products. Because YOU and the planet we all share deserve nothing less. They offer the highest-quality organic and natural grocery products, world-class customer service at affordable prices.

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As one of their five Founding Principles, they are dedicated to providing Nutrition Education to the communities they serve. Empowering neighbors, family, friends and communities to take charge of their lives and their health is how they care for our community and the planet we all share. It is part of the foundation upon which their business is built. Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCs) are your go-to nutrition professionals, equipped with the training and tools to help you reach your health goals. With 164 hours of continuing education required annually, their NHCs are always on the cutting edge of nutrition science. That's why they are superstars in their field, providing nutrition education to help you stay rooted in health. Schedule a free 1-hour health coaching session with your NHC today and receive personalized care specific to your individual needs, as well as a collaborative plan for success.



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