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Sensory Bins from Little Okie Learning Co.

by Katie Mitchell and Kristin Miller

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Picture this: your kids are cooped up in the house, it’s too cold to play outside and you’re fed up with Cocomelon and Blippi. You want to find something meaningful and time consuming for your kiddos to do. But what? Little Okie Learning Co. can help!!

What is Little Okie Learning Co.?

Little Okie Learning Co. is a business built on sensory play for children. We’re Kristin and Katie, co-owners & founders. We’re both moms who made the decision to put our teaching careers on hold to stay home to raise our young kids. We both have degrees in early childhood education and understand the importance of young children learning through play! During the early parts of the pandemic, we saw a need for parents to have a fun, meaningful and effective way to interact with their children at home. We both had other parents reach out to us asking for advice and ideas for teaching their kids at home. The advice that we kept giving was to make learning fun because kids learn the best through play! And that’s when it clicked, we could give parents a very intentional tool to hit these goals. The company was formed out of love for encouraging learning opportunities for little minds!

Why Sensory play?

Sensory play is crucial for child development. It facilitates natural learning through play, and encourages a child to use each of their senses. Sensory activities allow children to grow in language development, fine and gross motor skills, mathematical reasoning and more! Sensory play is also great for calming an anxious or frustrated child.


Our Products

The January bin featured wooden animals from Two Little Pines.

We try to keep our sensory bins unique, engaging and educational! Each bin and kit created by Little Okie is intentionally thought out to foster learning. We create learning guides for each bin, at no additional cost, that include educational activities that can be done using the contents in the bin. Our hope with these guides is that we are giving opportunities for parents to not only play with their children, but also create positive shared learning experiences in the home. Each bin contains a non toxic “taste safe” base and a variety of fun and different textured items that go with the theme of that bin. We create different themed bins every month but also love to create custom orders. If you head to our website & fill out the form under “custom orders,” we can get to work on making your vision a reality!

Social media 

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Kristin Miller and Katie Mitchell are the co-owners of Little Okie Learning Co. They are both Oklahoma City moms who have Bachelors of Science Degrees in Early Childhood Education. Kristin and Katie have known each other for about 7 years through their husbands who have been friends since they were young. Kristin has two daughters, Kennedy (4) and Peyton (1), and Katie has two sons, Beau (2) and Brewer (6 months).

Kristin, Michael, Kennedy and Peyton
Katie, Logan, Beau and Brewer

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