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Self-care in quarantine

by Andrea Mason

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Anyone else finding themselves on a similar schedule of tea or coffee first thing in the morning, watching the news, making meals, trying your best to stick to the quarantine schedule you’ve created for your family in the notes section on your phone, working from home, catching up with friends and family via FaceTime chats, going on walks, taking an occasional online exercise class, catching up on the news some more, feeling extremely emotional over the health crisis our world is facing, cooking more, playing games, possibly pouring yourself a glass of wine, reading and/or watching a new Netflix series, sleep, repeat?

Acting on self-care during stressful times (especially during the current COVID-19 lockdown) is essential for your life. Listening to your inner voice and noticing how you feel is a guide for which self-care ritual to act on. For example, if your energy is high, you may want to take on a task around the house. If you’re tired and want to relax, allow yourself that. Giving to yourself so that you feel whole will only allow you to give to others around you — including your family, friends and the community.

Here are five methods that help me find the zen when I’m homebound:
  1. Meditate. Find your favorite corner of your home, light a candle and close your eyes. Focus on the center of your forehead and just observe what shows up for you. It’s as simple as that. My favorite guided mediation is through the Kait Hurley app – Move and Meditate.
  2. Organize. When you declutter, you feel lighter inside. Pick an area in your home that could use some organizing. Something about the action of reorganizing my pantry always makes me feel refreshed and more in control.
  3. Read a book. Grab a book from that pile you’ve been wanting to read but you’ve been just too busy to get to. Make it a priority right now. I’ve got a long list of books that I’d love to read, including Commonwealth, Quiet and Brain on Fire.
  4. Write an encouraging note or letter on your favorite stationery to someone who’s been in your thoughts. Pretty stationery always inspires me to write more! Pretty stamps are an added bonus and an instant feel good when sending and receiving.
  5. Take time for self-care. This can include drawing yourself a bath filled with your favorite bath oil, flowers from your garden or giving yourself an at-home facial (cleanse, exfoliate, masque, tone, moisturizer). udånder provides me with some of the best skin care products for an at-home regimen. G.tox charcoal bath soak by Goop is a definite go-to. You can pick up Goop at local shop Salt and Water in Film Row.

Andrea Mason is curious about all things travel and wellness, a curator of retreats, a co-owner of udånder, mom to Jada and Elijah and lover of all things cozy.

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