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Romance + Nostalgia at Mary Eddy’s in OKC

by Jen Kubes

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A romantic spot for a date night in Oklahoma City? I know just the place.

We received a wonderful opportunity to visit Mary Eddy’s, located inside the 21C Hotel in Downtown Oklahoma City, on behalf of MetroFamily this month – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Between the nostalgic ambiance, delicious drinks and absolutely incredible food, its easy to see why Mary Eddy’s has quickly become a must-visit spot.

Let’s start with the rich history behind this space – and its iconic namesake.

It’s hard to go anywhere in Oklahoma City without being reminded of Fred Jones. A pillar in the community, Fred Jones was an industrialist, civic leader and the largest Ford dealer in the United States during the 1950s. In fact, it was in this very spot where the Ford Motor Company Assembly stood back in 1916.

Fast forward seven years to 1923 and Fred was marrying the love of his life. Her name? Mary Eddy.

Stories of Mary Eddy’s kindness still circulate in Oklahoma City. Her countless hours of volunteerism and generosity touched the lives of many in the community. She was an icon, and rightfully so. As we connect the dots here, it’s clear to see this breathtakingly beautiful bar and restaurant embodies Mary Eddy Jones’ spirit of adventure, grace and hospitality.

After closing its doors in October 2020, Mary Eddy’s went through a complete renovation. One year later, October 2021, they reopened with a new design that pays homage to the period in which the building was built (1915) and coincides with Fred Jones’ arrival in Oklahoma City. It draws inspiration from the architecture of automobile factory designs and Fred and Mary Eddy’s neoclassical-style home just a few blocks away.

The Food, The Drinks. Oh My.

When visiting any restaurant for the first time, food isn’t usually my first thought.

I expect the food to be good because it’s a nice restaurant, right? What I look forward to (as a photographer and owner of a marketing company) is the atmosphere. What’s the vibe? What’s the history? Will I be able to truly unwind?

Well, color me speechless here. Everything from the bread plate to the salads (oh my goodness the wedge salad) and the filets. Absolutely impeccable. After every bite I would look over at Scott and say, “I didn’t think food could taste this good!”

The drinks were just as fabulous, too. Every creative recipe is unique to Mary Eddy’s – and the team behind the bar is incredibly talented. My drink recommendations: Lily Collins (gin, lychee liqueur, lemon, hibiscus, soda) and Harvest Moon (pisco, lemon, hibiscus, pink peppercorn, basil, lambrusco float).

Aprés Dinner

Mary Eddy’s is located inside 21c, a 135-room boutique hotel reminiscent of a loft apartment in New York’s Soho neighborhood or Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. It also happens to be home to a beautiful contemporary art museum! Just steps from Mary Eddy’s dining room, you’ll find the hotel lobby and the entrance into the art museum. It spans various areas on all floors, and enjoying the art is a fantastic way to end your date night.

Snagging a room is also a novel idea if you’re looking for an extended date night – or had a little too many Lily Collins cocktails (hey, I wouldn’t blame you!)

Simply put, stepping inside Mary Eddy’s transports you to an entirely different era. It’s an experience filled with romance and nostalgia, almost as if time stands still.

Jen Kubes is a mom of three, a blogger and owner of The Neon Creative. Her House of Kubes blog is a creative space where Jen shares about motherhood, fashion, travel, baking and all the things that bring her joy. 

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