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Rock Out With Spaghetti Eddie, Vol. 3

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Chances are, if you’ve attended many kid-friendly events in the OKC metro over the past few years, you’ve probably enjoyed a show from local “kindie” band Spaghetti Eddie. For parents who love to share music with their children—and also enjoy it themselves—the forthcoming release of Spaghetti Eddie’s third CD Spaghetti Eddie and Other Children’s Songs Vol. 3 is music to the ears!

MetroFamily recently asked frontman Brendan Parker to tell us more about the band’s upcoming CD:

MFM: What did the band hope to accomplish with this CD?
BP: We want to continue to build our fan base by making songs everyone in the family can enjoy, and we think educators can utilize this album as well.

MFM: What are some of your favorite tunes on this CD?
BP: Some of our favorites are (in no particular order) “Train Song,” “Friends,” “Back to School,” “Uh-Oh” and “Freeze!”

MFM: What will kids like about the new songs?
BP: Each song creates its own little world that kids can really visualize. From riding a train, to being a bug, and even meeting a new friend from outer space, the songs are meant to take the kids on an adventure.

MFM: When will our readers first have a chance to enjoy hearing these new songs live?
BP: We are planning our CD release party with Science Museum Oklahoma on February 28 from 4:00–8:00pm, with activities, free admission and a concert at 6:00pm.

For more information, to watch videos or to order Vol. 3, visit

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