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Racing BMX with local brothers

by Emiley Bainbridge

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Maddox and Dash Loveless are an exceptional set of brothers who are finding tons of success in BMX racing. They only started riding in the fall of 2021, but they’ve already placed in several races competing against hundreds of other riders! They live in Del City and train at Yukon BMX.

Maddox, 12, and Dash, 8, along with their mom, Tiffany, sat down to chat with MetroFamily and answer all of our questions about racing BMX.

Q: How did you get started in BMX.

Dash: We were staying in our RV on vacation one night when we had a family meeting and mom surprised us and said, “we’re getting into BMX again!”

Maddox: I’d done it before when I was 6-years-old and I was actually pretty good at it, but I’d just gotten burnt out. We still always rode our bikes around and took them to the skate park. Me and [Dash] would race around the block, so when our parents surprised us, we were so excited!

The very next day, we were beggin’ our parents to go get us our bikes and take us to the track! We were actually super good at it and then we leveled up a level and started going to these Nationals races.


Q: How did you learn about BMX?

Dash and Maddox posing with their racing certificates that say 1st placeM: My uncle and grandpa ride bikes all the time. My uncle was a pro dirt bike rider, then he retired and went to mountain biking. So he knew about BMX riding and I learned from them.


Q: What is it like to train for BMX rides?

D: Really tiring!

M: Your legs feel like they’re about to explode, so we just do that to get faster. Each day you go out to the track and try to push your limits. and every time you push your limits,  you get faster and faster.

We also cross train with dirt bikes and snowboarding.


Q: How often do you train?

M: I get on my road bike and ride around the neighborhood a couple times every day.

D: and we go to Yukon to practice


Q: What categories do you each race in?

M: I race in 12-I, which is 12 intermediate. It goes beginner, intermediate, and expert; and after expert once you’re a certain age, like 18, you can move to Pro.

D: and we’re both intermediate right now. I race in 8-I.


How is racing going for you two?

D: We went to Grands last fall and we got that thing (gestured to the incredibly tall trophy behind them).

Tiffany: It was actually Dash’s second race that he’s ever raced. That’s when we knew that we should probably take this a little more seriously. Because there were people from all over the world racing. It was held in Tulsa with over 800 motos with thousands of riders. Dash, then 7 years old, made the main event and placed 3rd out of every 7-year-old competing!

M: it’s the biggest race in the entire world – it’s called the Greatest Race. It’s where everyone from all over the world gathers in Oklahoma for this one big race.

T: There were probably 100 kids in just Dash’s age group.


Q: What are your goals for the upcoming year?

M: To be faster and better. Everytime I go to the track to learn something new. I can already jump 15 feet and whip 15 feet, which is where you turn your bike sideways and bring it back. And I can manual 20 feet.


Q: What inspired you to start your YouTube channel, MadDashBros?

M: We always really wanted to be on YouTube and have our own channel, so we begged and begged forever. We wanted to do fun stuff on YouTube. We really liked to watch Ryan’s toy reviews when we were younger and wanted to have our own channel too!

T: It began as a scrapbook for family that lives out-of-state to see how the boys were growing. We got a lot of subscribers, unfortunately, after Dash broke his arm. People were interested in following the journey. Then we began sharing our trips around the US. It’s crossed over into BMX now that they’ve started back up with that.


You can keep up with Maddox and Dash on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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