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Product I'm Loving: ProClick

by Jennifer Geary

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We're back in our groove after Christmas break and I've been putting my new ProClick to good use. It's one of the best presents I've gotten in a long time, so I thought I'd share what you can do with one, in case you might need one, too! 

So if you're like I was not so long ago, you're wondering what on Earth a ProClick is and why you might want to add yet another item to your ever-growing stack of homeschooling must-haves. A ProClick is a book-making tool that punches holes along the side of your page so you can insert a plastic spine that clicks together. It literally takes just a few minutes to make your stack of papers into a really nice looking book!

How have I been using it? I'll admit I've made a few plain notebooks for my daughter to draw in. She thinks it's pretty cool to have her very own notebook made just for her. I've been putting it to more educational use, too, though. Now that we're done with the cursive handwriting book, I've made my son a practice book by making the pages with Startwrite software and then binding it with the ProClick. For my daughter, I just put together a book for her to work on her letter sounds. For both these booklets I used laminated pages for the front and back covers and just printed everything off on my printer at home. For many of our subjects we don't use one set curriculum, so I'm looking forward to compiling all of the different readings and things for my son and being able to bind them all together in one book. No more giant stacks of books all over the counter when we just need each one for a page or two of content!

Why is a ProClick better than anything else I've tried? Several reasons. First, it stays together nicely. No more pages pulling off the staples and getting lost! It allows you to be flexible, though, because you can unsnap the spine and add more pages later if you need to. Also, unless you have a heavy-duty institutional stapler, you're limited by how many pages you can staple through. You can buy ProClick spines in a variety of sizes, so you can make your book as thin or as thick as you'd like it. You can try sewing your own books or any other number of cool book making techniques I've seen on Pinterest, but those take a lot more time than I've got to spend right now. I want something functional and quick!

I'm so excited about all the things I want to make now. I never knew an office supply could be so fun! If you're the type of person who gets excited about this kind of thing, watch Amazon for a while. Sometimes the price goes down and you can get a pretty good deal, or start making your Christmas list now.

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