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Piano Makeover at Science Museum Oklahoma

by Sara Riester

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Did you know that there is a lovely courtyard garden at Science Museum Oklahoma that is open to explore? I didn’t either the first several times my family visited the Museum. Call me dense, but it took me a while before I realized there was a door leading out into the courtyard…and that the door was unlocked.

Now that you know about the “secret garden”, here is why you should venture out there the next time you find yourself at SMO. A little while back, six local artists transformed five discarded, but functioning, pianos into art to be enjoyed by museum guests. Those pianos are now out on display throughout the garden.

Our last trip to Science Museum Oklahoma happened to be on a very lovely Sunday afternoon in August. Having a musical family with two pianists in it, we of course had to take a peek. I was looking forward to hearing my men play tricked out pianos in the great outdoors, but alas, the very wet summer has left these pianos less than fully functioning. Functioning or not, the unique artwork on each of the five pianos set against the foliage in the courtyard is a beautiful sight to behold, especially on a clear and sunny day. My son and husband enjoyed looking inside at the painted mechanisms, while my daughter enjoyed her scavenger hunt trying to locate all five throughout the garden. They are not particularly hard to find, but everything is an adventure to an imaginative three-year-old.

If you happen to find yourself at Science Museum Oklahoma in the next few months, be sure to pass through that glass door in Pavlov’s Café and take a peek at a very unique art exhibit that is sure to delight your whole family. I would recommend having your camera or smart phone ready. The photo opportunities are endless. You might even catch a glimpse of the SMO Gnome!

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