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Our Readers Share Their Favorite Holiday Fare

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Whether it’s turkey dressing, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie, some foods are just synonymous with the holiday season. Be it a classic family recipe passed down through generations or a new take on an old favorite, many of our holiday memories are tied to the fantastic food we enjoy together with family and friends.

Our November Question of the Month asked readers to share what recipes make holiday meals special. We were delighted to read great stories of recipes originally lovingly made by mothers or grandmothers, with many of the recipes still being made today by younger generations. For others, it is all about desserts, with everything from pumpkin to French silk pie making an appearance in your responses. Lastly, you shared with us some wonderful side dishes that really complete your meals and even some great holiday breakfast traditions.

A common thread woven through almost all responses was that even more important than the food itself was who was sharing the meal together. It seems that, for MetroFamily readers, the family and friends gathered around the table are the most important “ingredient” for a perfect meal.

Our readers shared more about those dishes that help define their holiday dining:

  • For Jennifer J. of Oklahoma City, carrying on a tradition makes a side dish special. “My great-grandmother always made Lima beans every Thanksgiving. She passed away about 18 years ago. Now they are always on our Thanksgiving table, and I remember my great-grandmother when I add them to my plate.”
  • A secret stuffing recipe carries meaning in the family of Christi M. of Oklahoma City. “The recipe goes back many, many generations on my grandmother’s side. It has never been written down, but is passed from daughter to daughter. I look forward to passing on the tradition to my daughter.”
  • Natalie S. of Edmond enjoys a breakfast tradition. “Starting the day with my great-grandmother's recipe for homemade buttermilk pancakes with real syrup.”
  • Pie is the key to wonderful family memories for Dianna S. of Edmond. “My Grandma Katholeen’s lemon meringue pie. She passed away 10 years ago and she used to always bring that pie to holiday dinners. It was everyone’s favorite. Now that she has passed away, my mother makes her pie every year and it brings back the wonderful memories of my grandma.”
  • For Becky M. of Oklahoma City the menu takes a back seat to the guests. “Our family and friends make it special. And, of course, pie!”

Other reader feedback:

  • Turkey and dressing, homemade noodles, and of course gravy! — Amber B., Blanchard
  • Mmy mammaw's homemade stuffing. Although my Mammaw has past away, my mom has taken over trying to make it just like Mammaw's, and has it almost perfected! Getting the family together every holiday, making new memories and sharing old ones from those no longer with us. The best!! — Amanda S., Oklahoma City
  • Home made dressing from my mother in law — Jason T., Edmond
  • Our extended family and friends. — Paula B., Mangum
  • Homemade pumpkin pie — Amanda D., Edmond
  • Cornbread/store bought mix stuffing next to fruit salad with sour cream and fruit from the can — Kelly T., edmond
  • Coveted family recipes and timeless memories of years past.    The precious gift of quality time with family and homemade delicious comfort food is something to treasure.  Oh, who am I kidding?!  It's all about Black Friday people!  Enjoy!! — Mendi L., Oklahoma City
  • My grandmother's homemade dressing! — Jennifer S., Yukon
  • Pumpkin pie and smoked salmon — Eric,  Guthrie
  • Turkey — Kari,  Tuttle
  • All of my grandmothers old recipes.  It is the best most fattening food that we have twice a year at thanksgiving and christmas.  Also our whole family getting together and all the kiddies getting to see each other and playing together. — Tabitha,  OKC
  • The family!!  We each have our favorite foods but we all bring something to help out! — Christina,  Edmond
  • Our family has different things that they bring to the holiday dinner..But one thing is my mom started every making a Red Velvet Cake from scratch and now my sister makes it just as good as moms..If she doesnt bring it it wouldnt be a complete meal…Thanks, to my sister for making the cake now. — Tamara F., Newalla
  • Grandma's Turkey and stuffing for dinner. We always have all the family eat and then watch football games and movies. — Daneka A., Edmond
  • Green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. We also love trash can turkey. — Esther T., Oklahoma city
  • Grandma's Waldorf Salad — Lori C., Arcadia
  • The slightly tension filled atmosphere leading up to dinner created by my ever-bustling perfectionist mother.  Even now that we are all grown with children of our own we all stand back and are amazed at the flurry of activity she embarks on each year.  We help when we are allowed and get out of the way when we are not! — Robin W., Edmond
  • My Grandmothers homemade cornbread stuffing! — Emily N., Del City
  • Pumpkin pie! or pumpkin pie bread (when i make it, of course)! its gone within that same day or the next! — Shena P., Oklahoma City
  • My Mom's stuffing recipe — Cathy W., Midwest City
  • Each family member making their 'signature' dishes! — Kristi D., Bethany
  • My grandma's dressing — Celina L., Norman
  • A little mini meal for our doggies! — Leslie F., Mooore
  • Apricot jello salad.  It's been a family favorite since I was a young child. — Floris R., Norman
  • My grandmother's corn pudding and sweet potatos! — Myra D., Oklahoma City
  • My family sitting around the table next to me and all our favorite foods in front of us. Absolutely cannot have a holiday meal without green bean casserole and my French silk pie! — Rhiannon R., Midwest City
  • A special rice stuffing. SOOOO yummy! — Katie S., Yukon
  • Pumpkin pie — Dana D., Blanchard
  • Pie — Kristin M., Norman
  • My holiday meal is complete w/ my family (kids & husband).  The rest of our family doesn't live in the area, so we indulge in goodies & play games & watch football! — Tamara W., Edmond
  • Delicious Potatoes — Brianne J., Blanchard
  • My family and of course my moms turkey. My mom is not your traditional mama when it comes to cooking. My dad did most of the daily cooking growing up but my mom can put Betty Crocker to shame in the bake goods, lol. And her turkey is out of this world. Our holiday just would be the same without her delicious to our thanksgivinf/christmas bird! — MIa J., Yukon
  • Corn bread dressing! — Natasha R., Oklahoma City
  • Our family and friends to share it with! The meal has changed in menu, location, even location whether at one of our houses or at a restaurant, but each was tremendously special for the memories we each took home with our leftovers. — Kathy C., Norman
  • My dressing — Winnie L., Oklahoma City
  • Pie! — Nikeda S., Oklahoma City
  • Grandma Baileys baked beans with hotdogs & bacon. The sweet smell that fills the kitchen simply leaves your mouth watering for a taste. Its always one of the first dishes to be scraped clean, which is why theres usually a second batch stay'n warm in the oven. We may not have grandma with us anymore but we will always have her receipes. — Angeline W., Okarche
  • Spinach dip and Spinach rolls — Cathy S., Newalla
  • Green bean casserole — Jeannie T., Edmond
  • Tamales that my mother used to make. — Ron P., Oklahoma City

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