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One Question Interview with Katie Francis

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Katie Francis is a local 10th grader who’s known worldwide for setting the career record for Girl Scout cookie sales in the history of the organization. Her cookie-selling efforts have benefited countless people and organizations in Oklahoma and beyond. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, volunteering will be top of mind for many Oklahomans. We can encourage your kids to spend their time giving back this season, but we thought it would be more powerful to hear from one of their peers. Here’s what Katie had to say about finding a reason to give back:

“Giving back is a wonderful way to learn about your community and the needs of others. I hear about the needs of others and I know there’s always a way to make a difference. It makes me feel good and happy and like I’ve accomplished something in the world. No matter what you do, it can make a difference to someone and that can be applied to anything: animals in need, the elderly, anyone. What you do may seem small but it means the whole world to those you’re helping. Just find out what you love and figure out how to make a change with it.”

Find ideas for giving back as a family on our volunteer page.

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