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#OklahomaTeacherWalkout: Perspective from a Kid

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On the fourth consecutive day of the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout, our assistant editor Lindsay Cuomo was invited to go on a PTA trip to the Capitol to chat with Rep. Chris Kannady. She took her kids with her for a learning opportunity of a lifetime.

"Most talk around my house these days is whether my kids will have school tomorrow or not," Cuomo said. "I am sure my family is not unique in the state of Oklahoma. So when I heard about a PTA in my district planning a meeting with our state representative I jumped at the chance to take my kids to see democracy in action. We talked about what we might see and hear and questions we might ask. As we readied our signs, we talked about the importance of this trip and what it could mean for our state."

Although she went into it thinking her kids might be bored at the Capitol, her 5-year-old son Cade Cuomo took advantage of the opportunity to be part of the historic event. Here are his thoughts from his meeting with Rep. Chris Kannady:

1.       How was the experience different than you expected?

We met in a large room with lots of seats. It took a long time to get in the building and we had to wait a long time to talk with him.

2.       What did you learn about the legislative process?

I learned that each representative has one vote on each bill. Our state pays for our schools with taxes and some people really don’t like taxes.

3.       What were your impressions of your representative?

My representative is a lawyer and a Marine so he has lots of jobs too.

4.       Describe what you saw at the capitol?

On the outside, people have lots of signs. The building is really big and has cool statues around it. I got to have pizza while I waited to meet my representative.

5.       What was your favorite part?

Making signs and eating pizza. There were lots of teachers there, too.

For meal and childcare resources during the walkout, see our guide.

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