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Join the OKC Zoo’s Drawdown Ecochallenge Team

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Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden’s mission—not just as an organization, but for individual employees and those inspired to take conservation action.

“We know change can be difficult, even if it’s a change for the better,” said OKC Zoo Sustainability Coordinator Kelly Dillow. “That’s why we know the Zoo has to do more than talk the talk. We also have to walk the walk, which is why we encourage employees to achieve conservation engagement goals each year.”

From picking up litter and tagging butterflies locally to taking part in international animal conservation initiatives, OKC Zoo staff make a concerted effort to improve the health of the planet. This April, Zoo employees are taking part in the Drawdown EcoChallenge, which uses science-based solutions to climate change to make positive changes in their daily routines, and we are inviting the public to participate by joining the Zoo’s team.

“Rather than keep this to ourselves, we are opening up the Drawdown EcoChallenge to all of our Zoo family and fans,” Dillow said. “Climate change is such an overwhelming issue that many of us feel helpless to make a difference. That’s what is so wonderful about these group challenges—it makes it easy to learn and act in a positive way.”

Whether it’s learning about alternative energy sources, like wind, solar, and geothermal, or reducing the number of single-use plastics in our daily lives, the Drawdown EcoChallenge gives participants plenty of one-time and daily recurring objectives to complete that are fun and engaging.

“Instead of working separately, never knowing how much impact we’re having, joint tasks like the EcoChallenge let us see what we can do when we work together,” she said.

Those interested in joining the OKC Zoo’s Drawdown EcoChallenge can visit to sign up and choose the best ways to contribute.

“Even small actions can make a big impact when we work together,” Dillow said.

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