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OKC Kids Giving Back

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We love providing volunteer opportunities to Oklahoma City metro families because we know how much children and their parents benefit from giving back to their community. Here are two incredible local kids who have gone above and beyond in sharing their time and talents with others. To get your own kids involved with community opportunities, be sure to visit our guide to local volunteer opportunities.

Do you know a local kid who gives back to the community? Email us at editor@metrofamilymagazine.com so we can thank them for what they do!

​Jahven T.
16 years old of Weatherford, OK

For many teens looking to bolster college and scholarship applications, volunteering offers real world experiences that leave a lasting impact. As Jahven began her path into the Miss Outstanding Teen pageants, she began to ask herself, “What am I passionate about?” What she discovered about herself was a love for helping others, especially kids. She realized through volunteering that she often got as much out of is as she put into it.

As her passion continued to grow, she joined the teen board for the Children’s Hospital Foundation in 2013. The board was formed to give teens an outlet to help and offer sick kids some supportive role models close to their age. Jahven jumped at the chance to help out even though the opportunity meant frequent one-hour drives into the city. From her very first event with the teen board, Jahven knew she had found the right place for her. Jahven is being honored this year as Teen Board Member of the Year.

Ben S.
11 years old of Edmond, OK

Making an impact on the world we live in can mean many different things and happen in many different ways. Sometimes, it means getting very creative. Building on a family tradition, 11-year-old Edmond resident Ben got the idea to transform something he loves into a way to improve his community, specifically his school. When Ben’s dad, Jason, got too old for traditional trick-or-treating, his family started a tradition that has lasted many years. The family crafts their home into a haunted house.

They invite their neighborhood to their spooky creation and Ben and his family provide frightful entertainment. In 2013, Ben came up with the idea to charge a small admission fee he would then donate to his elementary school’s reading program. The first year, the family raised $300. This year, the spooky event supported Deer Creek Middle School.

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