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OKC Church Launches New Program for Kids with Disabilities

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Parents of children with special needs can sometimes find it challenging to do even simple family activities together. But Crossroads Church has a new program to make going to church together a little easier.

Champions Club launches at 11 a.m. Sept. 10 and is meant to provide a safe and educational place for kids who can’t attend a typical children’s ministry service. The church has developed four classrooms designed especially for students with special needs by a special education professional and pastor.

Kids age 4-12 with special needs are invited to learn Biblical principles in a fun and relaxed setting. Each child has his or her own teacher with them at all times to cycle through four interactive classrooms while parents are in the church service.

Champions Club Director Lorry Gail Malcom reported the club was originally created at Lakewood Church in Houston and Crossroads is one of about 50 churches in the nation to follow the model.

“Champions Club exists to serve children with special needs,” Malcom said, “where they are and let them know that they are cherished and loved by God, to help them develop friendships with others and to let parents and caregivers participate in church services together knowing their Champion kid is in a safe and caring environment with trained volunteers.”

Learn more about this unique program at https://www.crossroads.church/championsclub.

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