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New year, same you: making the most of family time in 2016

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun awaits us in 2016.

Resolutions, renewed efforts to find peace, love, happiness or at least a lower number on the scale, seem to characterize each new year. Family fun is there too, quality time with our children, family members, loved ones. 

I'd love to say that it's easy to find the time to be with the people big and small who so often occupy our thoughts, factor in our plans and keep us up at night. There never does seem to be enough of it at our house or anyone else's I know. Our task lists, underscored with good intentions and brand new resolutions, are endless. 

If time is the new currency, we're all looking for the best way to budget it. Investing in my sons is my resolution for 2016, whether that's with homework, activities assuredly more fun than homework or just making sure each person gets something more each day than just what's needed to keep going forward. 

My baby turns 1 this month and never before has time flown more than these past 12 months, somehow not even with his older brothers. Its value is apparent each day as I watch him progress, step-by-step, up, up and away as children tend to do. 

If you're looking for a way to get 2016 off to a family-oriented start, check out MetroFamily's list of Oklahoma City New Year's Eve events. Find all your family fun info in one place with MetroFamily's calendar, which features event details and is easily filtered by category for quick searches. Our editors also work hard to bring the best of the best in OKC family events to your inbox with MetroFamily's twice-weekly newsletters; click here to have info delivered to your inbox. 

I've heard that life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans. I hope 2016 holds great things for your life and the plans you make. Happy New Year!

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