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New Video Series Helps Parents Navigate Online Dangers

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Parents are more aware than ever before of the impact screens and the social media feeds have on their kids. New concerns arise almost daily when it comes to topics like protecting kids online and keeping technology age-appropriate. We’ve partnered with Cox Communications to bring our readers information from local experts on safety in the digital age. On June 6, we started rolling out weekly videos online where leading experts will share important information about keeping kids of all ages safe online.

Check out the videos below along with the downloadable PDF documents that can help you and your family discuss these important topics in more detail (find the downloads at the bottom of this page). The video series is hosted by Lawton native and former Miss America Lauren Nelson-Faram and Alison Jacobson, a national spokesperson for family safety who runs the Safety Mom blog. More about this series and the Internet safety experts who are leading it is found below the video.

Video 1: Learn about the biggest mistakes parents make when it comes to protecting kids online. 

Video 2: Discover the social media channels that are the greatest threats to children

June 20: Get informed about how to have tough conversations with your kids about online activities

June 27: Master techniques to help you use technology to your advantage at home


ABOUT THIS VIDEO SERIES: Alison Jacobson, a national spokesperson for family safety who runs the Safety Mom blog, was a natural for being asked to share her expertise on the subject of cyber safety for kids on this video series. Additionally, Lauren Nelson-Faram was selected to help facilitate the conversation because when she was in the pageant circuit her main platform was internet safety for kids. Nelson-Faram explained she became passionate about the topic after her and some friends were targeted in a chatroom as young teens.

“I was about 13 and that’s when AOL chatrooms were really big,” she said. “A couple friends and I were in a chatroom and a stranger asked ‘ASL?'”

The stranger was an older man asking the girls for their age, sex and location. Not understanding the threat, the girls answered.

“He immediately knew how old we were, that we were girls and that we lived in Lawton,” she said. “Nothing happened that night but a couple weeks later he sent inappropriate photos of himself to my friend. That incident in my life was the reason I got involved in the topic.”

Now Nelson-Faram has two kids of her own, ages 1 and 3, making her more passionate than ever about keeping kids safe in the digital age. And although the mom of two admits parents are always surrounded by information and tips to help keep kids safe online, she aims to bring new awareness and attention with the video series.

“Alison (Jacobson) is a leader in this realm and is actively learning new technology and new ways to keep kids safe,” she said. “We hope that every video will give parents a new nugget that maybe they haven’t even thought of.”

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