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My Fitness Routine Interrupted

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Three miles! I got back up to running three miles straight a couple of weeks ago. It felt AWESOME! I could see my racing days beginning again. Slowly, but surely, FAB was in sight. And, then….

I started feeling this heaviness in my chest. And a lot of fluttering. I thought maybe I had gotten pneumonia from a long-lasting cold I’d had, or maybe I had overdone it a little on the chest press, causing my chest muscles to spasm. So, I made an appointment with my doctor to have it checked out. And, wouldn’t you know it….it was neither of those things. It was something going on with my heart.

Sweet Mother.

So, a few visits to the cardiologist and a bunch of tests later, they tell me that they think this extra beating of my heart is due to a “glitch” of my pregnancy. Some glitch! But, that it should go away on its own as mysteriously as it appeared. And, the cardiologist was telling me that I should lay off the running for at least four weeks. FOUR WEEKS!? What about FAB? What about not being a fatty for the holidays? What about my husband gets home from his deployment in January and I promised him I would be HOOOOOTTT!!?

However. It is my heart. That’s kinda important. So, I guess I should do what the doc says, right?

So, I’ve been staying off the treadmill, aside from a little bit of walking. But, I have to say that my motivation has taken quite a hit. I still want to be FAB. But, I want it right now and waiting these weeks kinda….well, for lack of a more appropriate word… sucks.

Looking forward to starting back to it in a couple of weeks…..

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