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Montessori Learning at Mon Ami Play Studio

by Kirsten Holder

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Temperatures in OKC are low, but kids’ energy levels are not! If you’re like me and surrounded by toddlers/preschoolers (that still need to nap at a decent time!), then you are likely on the hunt for energy-spending activities, as well as a little fun and change of scenery. Enter: Mon Ami Play Studio, which recently opened in Casady Square in OKC. If you haven’t already visited, here are a few tips for attending.


We had the pleasure of visiting when the temperatures were sub-10 degrees outside and everyone was going crazy from being stuck in the house! The location is central, easy to find, and with ample parking. On the way in, I scouted several close lunch and coffee shops for to-go orders after play time. Once inside, you need to complete a waiver for each child and have grippy socks.

To save time, pack some grippy socks you have at home and fill out the waiver on your phone before arrival.


Once you’ve arrived and filled out the waivers, the drop-in rate (for one child accompanied by one adult) is $16, and there are monthly membership perks too. Watch the Instagram page for special discount days such as “bring two kids for half price” (babies under 6 months are free with another sibling). I brought my 20 month old along with her brother who just turned 5 years old. Fair warning, 5 years old is really the top of the play capacity for this space. While there were things for him to do with baby sis, he was really too big (physically and mentally) for much of the play gear. Thankfully he found a rack of books and settled in while sister explored!


The cognitive benefits of free play for toddlers is not to be understated, and this space is beautifully geared towards mental and physical challenges for littles. Combine a beautifully “Pinterest” space with the learning approach of Montessori curriculum and Mon Ami is what you will find. Climbing bars and ladders, giant Magna-Tile forts, ball pits, a small scale climbing gym are just a few of the activities you see first. There are also texture walls with 8-10 different framed tactile learning centers like I’ve seen at many museums. There is a large book area and even a cloth tent, perfect for littles who might need a little space from extra stimulation. My toddler could have easily spent the entire morning play time enjoying all there is to offer.


Mon Ami also offers really great classes, such as standing music classes, art classes, “Galentine” events and even pop-up massages for moms events. I was very glad to see there was a way to switch up the room and engage with it in a different way. To see a full list of events, follow on Instagram or click here. Also, just in case you forgot to grab your second cup of joe before heading out, there is a Keurig coffee station just beyond the wall of the play space. Lastly, there is a private room to the side, perfect for birthday parties, meet-ups or other room rental activities.

My family had such a beautiful and refreshing time at Mon Ami. I hope these tips help you know what you expect when you visit with your littles, too! And bonus: the afternoon nap after morning play was *glorious.* Enjoy!


Kirsten Holder is a transplant from Michigan but calls the “land that is grand” her home. She graduated from Oklahoma City University and is passionate about the arts, community development and small business. She is the senior project manager for MetroFamily Magazine, and lives in a historic pocket in OKC with her young kids Jimmy and Millie, husband Andrew and  puppy, Roserock.


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