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Practicing mindfulness through yoga

by Shannon Stephens

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We’re all looking for reassurance right now. While we can’t predict the future, we can empower ourselves, our children and loved ones with tools that can help us to work with challenging emotions and feelings of uncertainty. Yoga and meditation teach awareness, compassion and non-attachment. Through practice, we learn how to recognize the stream of thoughts and emotions that are present. It’s not that we stop them but we learn we can compassionately make space for the feelings to be present and potentially change pre-conditioned patterns of reaction.

RAIN is mindfulness practice helpful in dealing with emotions:

  1. Recognize what’s going on internally – what emotions are present?
  2. Allow the emotions to be there with an attitude of acceptance.
  3. Investigate with curiosity. Notice the impermanent nature of emotions.
  4. Nurture with self-care practices such as yoga, meditation, a warm bath, a few minutes of quiet and all the other ways that bring comfort.

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