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MetroFamily's New Parenting Connection

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Since 1998, MetroFamily Magazine's mission has been to help Oklahoma City area parents be more successful and have more fun with their families. Technology continues to provide more ways outside our print magazine to do that. We're thrilled to announce we've just opened three Ages & Stages Closed Facebook Groups to help parents of children in specific age ranges connect with other local parents. 

Join the groups to leverage the experience of local parents like you through discussions about ages, stages and what's available in OKC and the surrounding areas. Our aim with the groups is to help parents glean helpful advice from other locals. From discovering a new family restaurant or playground to inquiring about discipline issues or even asking for recommendations about local services, we hope you'll use these groups as a sounding board for all things parenting. Our staff moderators will pitch in with their knowledge and experience from time to time, but our aim is to generate more conversation among our readers. 

Ready to join the conversation? 

Group for parents of kids from birth to age 4.

Group for parents of kids ages 5 to 9.

Group for parents of tweens and teens.

Below, find our guidelines for the closed groups.

The following group rules apply to all members. Non-adherence to the rules stated below will result in being banned from the group. Administrators' decisions are final.

Respectful dialogue: Discussion participants must be respectful of one another. Criticism and bullying will not be tolerated. Know that the opinions you express online have real-life effects on parents right here in our community. Be respectful of diverse households and opinions. This group's purpose is to share solutions and experiences; it is not to speak in a derogatory way of others' parenting choices. A good way to preface your comments is "At our house, we do this: ____________" or "I've had success with _____________."

Non-promotional posts: No sales messages or related posts will be permitted on this page, except from designated MetroFamily sponsors with messaging specifically designed and approved with our permission. Advertising of any kind is strictly prohibited. You may reference a particular product or service that has been helpful in your experience but posting an ad or referencing it excessively with the presumed intent to advertise is not permitted.

Disclosure of personal information: As with any online forum, refrain from listing your personal address, phone number or other identifying details. If you choose to post photos within the group or exchange information via private message, that interaction is assumed at your own risk.

Questions about MetroFamily's Ages & Stages groups? Write to

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