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MetroFamily earns nine Parenting Media Association awards

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MetroFamily Magazine was honored with nine editorial and multimedia awards at the national Parenting Media Association conference and awards banquet in November 2021. Content from family publications around the country is reviewed and judged by a panel from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.

We’re incredibly proud of the staff members and freelancers who help make MetroFamily Magazine an award-winning publication, all under the direction and inspiration of our publisher Sarah Taylor. Thank you to our readers for inspiring the work we are fortunate to do every day!

Gold Awards

Family Fun: More than a hobby: A different side of gaming and Food, Culture & Fun: Oklahoma food festivals in the Local Family Fun series
Writer: Lindsay Cuomo
Judges’ comments:
This entry explains how esports has pulled online gaming out of its dark, murky reputation of yore into the air of open and friendly competition that offers a chance to fit in and excel. Meanwhile, information about “Food, Culture & Fun” in Oklahoma gives a comprehensive list with lots of details and website links for more.

Travel: Beavers Bend Getaway
Writer: Debbie Murnan
Judges’ comments: This dispatch from a state park in the heart of southeastern Oklahoma is a breath of fresh air. Readers are drawn in by descriptions that capture the majesty of the place and details that make the adventure feasible for families. It’s an introduction to an aspirational, inspirational place — with plenty of practical tips on how to access it.

Service Feature: Protecting your family’s mental health during a pandemic
Writer: Erin Page
Judges’ comments: Expert advice and understanding are woven throughout this piece that recognizes the emotional challenges facing families at the very start of the pandemic in spring 2020. Ten well-reported tips address how to navigate the uncertainty and fear of that time and surely provided parents with a sense of calm and control.

Best Blog: Hashtag Parenting
Senior Project Manager: Kirsten Holder
Digital Editor: Lindsay Cuomo
Managing Editor: Erin Page
Thank you to all contributing writers to the blog, from 2020 through July 2021. 

Judges’ comments: The writing is concise and clear, which makes it accessible for readers who may – by virtue of being parents – not have a lot of time or attention. That’s helped by the simple addition of an estimated reading time, so you can save a longer one for when you have the downtime. The post authors coming from different backgrounds, be they cultural or professional or family-related, means the information to be gained not only educates but widens the worldview for the reader and helps life be visible through different and enriching lenses.

Best Use of Multimedia: Raising OKC Kids Podcast, Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth episode with guests Sara Cunningham of Free Mom Hugs and Kylee Holland of Sisu Youth Services
Co-hosts: Kirsten Holder & Erin Page
Judges’ comments: This podcast covering a difficult subject feels less like a clinical discussion and much more like real talk addressing real questions between close friends. Sara and Kylee bring the full measure of their expertise to bear in a way that offers hope for those with LGBTQ+ youth and the challenges they face.

Best E-newsletter: MetroFamily Hacks for Learning & Fun
Senior Project Manager: Kirsten Holder
Digital Editor: Lindsay Cuomo

Judges’ comments: This e-newsletter is visually compelling, easy to navigate and provides informative highlights with links to more in-depth information for those who want to click through to the online material.

Best Social Media
Managing Editor: Erin Page
Judges’ comments: Social media reach and engagement have grown significantly in the past year thanks to this content that connected with parents and families in new ways during the pandemic. The effort translated to increases in web traffic and participation in contests and events.

Silver Awards

News Feature: Race Equity in Schools
Writer: Erin Page
Judges’ comments: During the 2013-2014 academic year, there were less than 500 Black students in the state of Oklahoma training to become teachers. Through the reporting, we meet several BIPOC teachers working in public schools around Oklahoma City, we learn of the racism they’ve experienced in the classroom – as children and adults – and how they’re leading today’s students to develop more culturally-responsive mindsets. By the end of the story, readers can’t help but feel optimistic for the future of education in Oklahoma City.

Bronze Awards

Profile: Commitment to Culture: Diana Fields’ Story
Writer: Erin Page
Judges’ comments: Drawing on personal stories and packed with compelling details, this profile brings together themes of Indigenous cultures, the American West and traditional rituals, all revealed to readers through the prism of personal history and family.

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