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MetroFamily earns eight national Parenting Media Association awards

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MetroFamily Magazine was honored with eight editorial and multimedia awards at the national Parenting Media Association conference and awards banquet in November 2022. Content from family publications around the country is reviewed and judged by a panel from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.

We’re incredibly proud of the staff members and freelancers who help make MetroFamily Magazine an award-winning publication, all under the direction and inspiration of our publisher Sarah Taylor. Thank you to our readers for inspiring the work we are fortunate to do every day!

Gold Awards

Column: Family Matters: Family Mental Wellness series
Writers: April Deocariza, Michael Dickerson, Katrina Leggins, LCSW, Dr. Lisa Marotta
Managing editor: Erin Page
Digital editor: Lindsay Cuomo

Judges’ comments: This column is full of solid writing with deep expertise, interesting story selection and rich resources for parents who want to learn more. The real-life example in the “resilient children” story illustrated well the need for resilience in normal life. And the “parents from hard places” story did a great job breaking down and demystifying how survivors of abuse can use hope to be the parent they wish they had.

Non-Traditional Story Form: Plan a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Weekend All About You
Writer: Kirsten Holder
Designer: Stacy Noakes
Judges’ comments: Activity suggestions are cleverly divided according to four overarching parent profiles: leisure, sporty, granola or artsy. Each profile’s itinerary includes specific recommended stops with some additional alternative options, too.

Silver Awards

Travel Feature: Autumn Days in Austin
Writer: Debbie Murnan
Judges’ comments: The fastest-growing city in Texas is the focus here for Oklahoma families seeking a three-day getaway. This feature helps parents plan the perfect itinerary. This article provides exacting detail, from the best places to stay, which attractions to visit in which order, where to eat, where to stay – even where to make a pitstop while driving.

News Feature: Teacher Burnout: How we got here and what it will take from the community to move forward
Writer: Erin Page
Judges’ comments: A comprehensive and well-reported look at how the stresses of teaching during the pandemic has changed school and teachers. With soaring rates of teacher retirements, Oklahoma was forced to make changes, including adding more counselors and community liaisons to help students and more mentoring and support for teachers. The story provides a helpful and thorough look at the issue, as told through people and various school districts.

Service Feature: International Travel with Kids: Tips for Taking Your Family Overseas
Writer: Kristy Blosch
Judges’ comments: The first-person approach on this story – including tales of the writer’s own travel experience with their 3- and 5-year-old children – makes the idea of traveling abroad with young kids feel much less scary. Then it follows up with a slew of helpful step-by-step advice to prepare aspiring families for international adventure.

Best Podcast: Raising OKC Kids, “Empowering, Inspiring Moms Who Work”
Co-hosts: Erin Page & Kirsten Holder
Judges’ comments: This podcast entry instantly captivates the audience with its opening question: “Why do we always hear about working moms, but no one uses the term ‘working dad’?” The conversation between host and interviewee tackles gender equity, or, really, inequity in parenting through both frank dialogue and thoughtful reflection. It is an in-depth dive into one woman’s personal experience, yet the themes resonate with anyone listening.

Best E-newsletter: MetroFamily “Hacks for learning & fun”
MetroFamily editorial team: Kirsten Holder, Lindsay Cuomo, Emiley Bainbridge, Erin Page
Judges’ comments: Like a lure on a line, there’s the right amount of imagery and information to let the reader know the content to which the newsletter leads is exactly what they’re looking for. It’s just as easy, too, to find and access ideas and activities and content the reader may have missed, and the inclusion of amusing quotes or social media content at the end gives the newsletter a fun cherry-on-top finish.

Best Use of Social Media
MetroFamily social media team: Erin Page & Emiley Bainbridge
Judges’ comments: This entry is a prime example of how communicators can effectively use the feedback loop online. The publication launched a “Grandparent Guide” after readers asked for one on Twitter. With a good variety of local event posts on Facebook, and a balance of photos and memes, the social accounts have a clear tone that aligns with the audience of parents in Oklahoma City. Engagement is also high with tagging local organizations.

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