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Lowe's Build & Grow Clinics

by Sara Riester

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“Are you sure, Mom? That sounds like something Daddy should do. He has all the tools.” That is the response I received from my five-year-old son when I announced that I was going to attempt to re-caulk the bathroom. My husband is quite the handyman and my children have gotten used to seeing him fix just about everything that needs fixing around the house. It has become a special time between my husband and my kids. Anytime he is out working on a project, my son is tagging along behind holding tools, counting hardware or just sitting on his stool for moral support.

If you tell either of my children it is time for a trip to the hardware store with Daddy, you’d think you just told them they were getting a pony. It’s even better when that trip involves a Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinic.  Just about every other week, Lowes stores around the country hold Build & Grow Clinics in which construct and decorate a wooden project with the help of an adult. Participants receive an apron, goggles, certificate of completion, and a project themed patch.

For my family, these clinics provide an excellent opportunity for some Daddy bonding time doing something they love together in a way that they can (safely) get hands-on with tools. My son has picked up some mean hammering skills while my daughter still requires a bit of guidance in that area. Both of my children come home beaming with pride and excited to show me what great new project they created.

The best part about Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinics? They are FREE!

Just for the record – I did manage to finish caulking the bathroom and got a “Really good job, Mom!” from my son. He has a little more confidence in my mechanical skills now, but my husband is still the “go to” guy when something needs fixing.

Where to Go:

• Lowe’s Stores: Build & Grow Clinics are held approximately every other week. See www.lowesbuildandgrow.com for complete schedule and to register. Advanced registration is required for some projects. Upcoming projects include:

September 8, 10am
“Chuck E. Roller” —Children will create an awesome Chuck E. Roller game just like Chuck E Cheese’s.

September 22, 10am
 “Fire Truck” —Celebrate Safety Month by building a cool fire truck.

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