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Local Boy Shows You're Never Too Young to Make a Difference

by Brooke Barnett

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Nine-year-old Jack Love of Oklahoma City has been named the first official ambassador for Limbs for Life, a nonprofit organization that helps amputees. The boy was honored for his efforts to raise dollars and awareness of the organization’s mission to provide prosthetic limbs to those in need. “I was very surprised and excited and amazed,” Jack said.

“Jack Love is a ‘little’ guy making a ‘big’ difference,” said Debra South, Executive Director of Limbs for Life. “He has warmed our hearts trying to help amputees.”

Jack learned about Limbs for Life after watching an episode of the TV show “Secret Millionaire” and was inspired to pursue his own efforts to support the nonprofit’s mission. “It stuck with me and I wanted to tell others about it because I had never heard of Limbs for Life before,” Jack explained. “I told our Sunday School director at Nichols Hills United Methodist Church that I wanted to raise money for Limbs for Life. I gave her the website and she looked it up and we started an offering for them every Sunday.”

Jack is determined to share with others, including his fourth grade classmates at Nichols Hills Elementary. With the help of his teacher, they are coordinating a “penny war” to raise money for the organization.

Jack feels honored to serve as Limbs for Life’s first ambassador. He hopes to set an example and inspire people to do something positive for others. “It makes me feel good inside just helping people,” Love said. “Young people can make a HUGE difference when people are willing to listen.”

We recently asked Jack a few questions about why he feels like his volunteerism is making a difference:

Q. What has been the most rewarding part of the work you’ve done for Limbs for Life?
A. The most rewarding thing has been inspiring other people to help Limbs for Life. And I’ve also liked meeting all the people involved with [the organization].

Q. What is the most surprising thing you have learned since you’ve been volunteering?
A. That so many people have prosthetics and you never notice it. It has also surprised me that the director, Debbie South, has actually listened to me, just a kid. She takes me very seriously like I’m an adult. That makes me want to keep volunteering.

Q. What would you tell other kids (and adults!) about why they should volunteer for organizations like Limbs for Life?
A. People should volunteer with organizations like Limbs for Life because they are helping people who can’t afford prosthetics. Volunteering makes me feel great and I think it will make other people feel great too! And it’s in Oklahoma City… right where we live!

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