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Liar, Liar

by Rebecca Lucas

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My daughter will be four in a couple weeks and it seems each day I am amazed (and sad) at how fast she is growing up. It seems like yesterday I was holding this six pound, seven ounce baby girl.

Every parent I have spoken to over the years has said that you blink, and your child is grown up. That statement has proven especially true this past year. From age three to four, her vocabulary has expanded so much and seems to improve more each day. She has been using words like “delicious”, “ridiculous” and “indeed”. That is the positive side of the story.

The negative side of this little one growing up and speaking so well is she has also started lying. In the beginning, I just thought it occurred because she didn’t know the difference between play time creativity and real life, but in recent weeks, I have discovered she does understand the difference. I am trying my best to nip this in the bud early and quickly, but I am yet to be successful.

Explaining (at great length) why lying is wrong has fallen on deaf ears, as well as putting her in time out and grounding her from her favorite toys. What is the best approach to handling this situation? I would love to know what other mothers and fathers have done to correct this problem.

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