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Let the Counting Begin!

by Kristina Pressley

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Calories, that is. For me, it’s been consistently the only way I’ve ever been able to get weight off. Well, I take that back. In my 20’s I did a few things that were less than healthy to lose weight – energy pills, super-ultra low-carb dieting, starving myself… no good. Neither constant hunger, nor the ridiculous side effects of extreme dieting are really for me anymore.

I’ve been breast feeding my little girl since she was born in July. The thing about breast feeding that everyone tells you, is how much weight you’ll be able to lose – burning all those milk-making calories. Awesome!

Except that for me, it’s NOT HAPPENING!! I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, or if it’s that this is my second baby, but I am only three pounds lighter than I was on the day I came home from the hospital. No fair!

And, I have a GIANT baby. Seriously. She weighed almost 23 pounds at her 6-month check-up. She’s really big. If only I could be losing weight the way this baby is putting it on. But, as she gets older, of course, she’s eating more and more baby food. So, I feel like now’s the time to start the weaning process. With that, will bring the opportunity for me to really restrict my calories the way I know I’ll need to in order to get this 20-ish pounds off.

In addition to the calorie-counting, you know that I’ve been running. I completed Week One of my half-marathon training today. I ran four miles in about 45 minutes. Not great, but not bad. I’m pretty proud of myself, actually. I was telling my running partners today that it was my longest run since early November 2009. Crazy! On the day I found out I was pregnant, I ran four miles, and haven’t done it since. It felt really good to be at least back to that point today. I hope it only gets easier from here.

My run training program also has me doing some cross-training. So, I’ve been lifting some weights, walking and I’m thinking of looking into some of the classes at my gym again. Moving towards this goal….FAB!!

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