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Lend a Hand for National Diaper Needs Awareness Week

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A baby will need 6,000–9,000 diaper changes from birth to potty training. At a cost of approximately $3,000, many Oklahomans have to choose between buying diapers for their child or putting food on the table. To emphasis the importance of diapers, the week of September 10–17 is National Diaper Needs Awareness Week.

Infant Crisis Services, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit, is the only agency in central Oklahoma dedicated to providing diapers to needy babies and toddlers. The non-profit gives away more than 9,000 diapers every week. During the National Diaper Needs Awareness Week, Infant Crisis Services hopes to educate Oklahomans on how crucial the need is in our state. The organization encourages the community to donate diapers or host a diaper drive during this week.

“One out of every three families struggle to buy diapers,” said Miki Farris, Infant Crisis Services executive director. “Clean diapers are a basic health necessity for babies and toddlers.”

It can cost more than $100 each month to keep a baby in a healthy supply of diapers, and government assistance programs don’t provide diapers. This causes many parents to reuse disposable diapers or leave their baby in a soiled diaper longer than appropriate, leading to diaper rash, infections and other health problems.

To lend a hand, families can donate diapers to at the organization’s main location at 4224 N Lincoln Boulevard. For more information on hosting a diaper drive, call 405-528-3663 or visit www.infantcrisis.org.

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