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Keep the Olympic Momentum Going!

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Did you enjoy watching the Olympics with your children? And do your kids wonder why the games are over so quickly? Continue that fascination with sports going (and start planning your 2014 winter Olympics watching!) with these titles:

  • Go For the Goal by Fred Bowen ($6, features the story of a traveling soccer league and the inspiration of the 1999 Women’s World Cup team. Part of a series of All-Star Sports books for grades three and up.
  • Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventures DVD ($17, features kid-favorite Dora starring in her own gymnastics show—if she can keep away from Swiper! Also features two bonus episodes.
  • A Passion for Victory by Benson Bobrick ($20, traces the history of the Olympic games from ancient times through 1948. A fascinating view on the background to the traditions and competitions featured in the games for grades five and up.

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