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If They Can Do It…

by Kristina Pressley

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Like many of you might be, I am a huge fan of the NBC show, The Biggest Loser. Tuesday is really the only night of the week that I do not want to miss my show. It’s amazing to me the transformations that these people make to their bodies. It’s truly inspiring to me.

Well, last week was the season finale and everyone looked awesome. The week before, the four finalists had their final challenge – to run a full marathon – 26.2 miles.

In the past, when I’ve finished running any race, especially the half marathons that I’ve run, I’ve always said that I would never be interested in running the full thing. Once again, never say never. I was so inspired by these folks on The Biggest Loser. I thought to myself that these people, just four months before running this race, were morbidly obese and there they were – running 26.2 miles. How could I ever think that I couldn’t do the same thing?

So, I made a few phone calls to my runner girlfriends and to my sister. It took some convincing for one of them, but the others had seen the show, too, and were thinking the same thing I was.


I have this lingering heart thing going on, but just as the doc said it would, it’s getting much better. I’m going to have to get his approval before I start the training. But, I feel really good about facing the challenge that this will bring in the coming months.

Bring on the OKC Memorial Marathon – May 1, 2011!!

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