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7 Holiday Self-Care Tips for Overextended Mamas

by Ashley Massegee

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can lead to moms (and dads!) too exhausted to enjoy the wonder this time of year inspires in our children. If you’re feeling overloaded and overextended, take a look at local mom and lifestyle blogger Ashley Massegee’s favorite ways to recharge as we head toward Christmas:

  1. Remember the reason for the season. My family is currently filling gift bags for local students in need through our church, and we always involve our kids. I take them shopping and it’s all about the items we are giving, not getting. Acts of kindness are so important so it’s not always about ourselves.
  2. Head to my fave coffee shop. I love to relax by enjoying a hot latte. Or if I’m working, I enjoy the quiet of a local shop to focus and get things done. When I try to work at home, I’m always sidetracked with a messy house and chores and then I’m left feeling unproductive because I didn’t get much done.
  3. Make time for me. At home, I enjoy a hot bath and reading a book to unwind before bed. For a splurge, I love a mani-pedi, especially when paired with a hot coffee.
  4. Plan a date with my husband. Reconnecting during the craziness of the holidays, work and raising our children is so important to us. Even just a few hours can go a long way in feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week.
  5. Schedule dinner out with my girlfriends. In the same way, catching up with my girlfriends is another great way to recharge.
  6. Get enough sleep. Especially when it comes to our kids, we have them turn off all electronics well before bedtime. They read in bed before we tuck them in, and you can see their little faces relaxing and getting ready for a good night’s sleep.
  7. Say no to the holiday hustle. I’m also a big advocate for lots of cozy family nights at home with a Christmas movie on and lots of popcorn. My kids really enjoy being at home with no agenda so I try not to overschedule them with too many play dates, after-school activities or obligations during the holidays. Overscheduled kids = cranky kids in our home!

As we head into the final few weeks of the year, we wish you the time and space to care for yourself and connect with those you love.

Ashley is the writer behind Curls and Cashmere, a lifestyle blog aimed at helping the everyday woman look and feel her best with tips on home decorating, outfit ideas and more. Ashley lives in Edmond with her family and their cat, Leo. Follow her on Instagram @curlsandcashmere, Facebook @curlsandcashmere or on her website at www.curlsandcashmere.com

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