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Helping where we can: MetroFamily’s Rock-a-Bye Baby Shower

by Callie Collins

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Community is at the heart of all that we do at MetroFamily.

The subjects of privilege and who has what where have come up in recent news topics, especially as we see the budget crisis in our own state and natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey just beyond it. There is need everywhere, it seems, and that doesn’t go away even as the need becomes acute in other places too.

Problems can just seem too daunting to take on when you see facts and figures, like the issue that one Oklahoma child out of every four goes to bed hungry each night, according to national poverty statistics. I see children eating the free breakfast at my son’s public school each morning and wonder if they’re going home to dinner.

There’s only so much any family can do to help, whether that’s with Houston relief efforts or right here at home. There is comfort, though, in being able to offer something, anything. I have personally seen relief wash over women’s faces when they know that a necessity as basic as diapers is available to them. As the parent of three children, I give and cross my fingers that I never have to be on the receiving end; that reality, though, is just one job loss or unexpected event away. There is empathy in giving too. 

MetroFamily’s Rock-a-Bye Baby Shower is a week from today, Wednesday, Sept. 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. I’ll be there with my own little boy, who is 2, and we will share what we can with other families.

The event is in support of Infant Crisis Services, which provides basic necessities to the youngest members of households in need. The facility’s most recent annual report lists 747,306 diapers given away in a year’s time, along with 45,612 pounds of clothing and more than 7,000 toddler meals.

Grab lunch from a local food truck and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Infant Crisis Services. If you can bring a diaper, food or clothing donation, that item will go to a child right here in central Oklahoma. Food trucks present will include Chef Ray’s and Snow S’more.

Karen Tucker of Karen Tucker Photography will offer a free “mommy and me” mini-session to each reader who comes out. Chester’s Party Barn will be on-site with balloons and your littles can color a crown at MetroFamily’s table. Get a fun swag bag with local offers in exchange for your donation.

I’ll be donating a book as well: “Good Night, Baby Moon,” because every family needs the security of a familiar story to read at night. My sons love it because it lights up. That kind of security has its place too, along with those very basic human needs.

Thank you for reading MetroFamily and being part of our community. We hope to meet you in person on Wednesday.

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