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Have a Roarin’ Good Time at the Tulsa Zoo

by Emiley Bainbridge

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My family and I took a day trip to visit the Tulsa Zoo this spring and it was so much fun! We saw everything from the tigers to the sea otters. My kids rode the carousel (how is it that carousels are always magical!?) and talked constantly about their favorite animal facts!

Here’s are some of my family’s favorites from the Tulsa Zoo.

  1. Tigers – My son loves tigers and would have stood at their exhibit for hours telling us the fun facts about them that he has learned from the show Wild Kratts. When we first arrived at the zoo, the tiger was napping, but when we walked past by later, it was awake and lounging in the sun. I just can’t get over how majestic it looked!
  2. Giraffes – The zoo has an overlook that lets you really see the giraffes and what they’re up to. We stood there for at least 15 minutes watching them interact with each other and munch on their snacks.
  3. The Life in… exhibits – The zoo has a series of connected exhibits called Life in the Cold, Life in the Desert, Life in the Forest and Life in the Water. These exhibits each feature animals with the adaptations for those different exhibits. It was very cool to get to see how the different animals live in their environments.
  4. The carousel! – There’s something about the joy that a classic carousel ride brings to children that is so fun!
  5. The Bugs exhibit – The zoo has a animatronic bug exhibit that my kids really enjoyed exploring! There are huge monarchs, ladybugs, ants, a spider and more. Bonus: when we were there, there were several baby geese wandering around the exhibits!


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