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Hands-on Fun at the Tulsa Children’s Museum

by Jennifer Geary

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The Tulsa Children’s Museum (3123 Riverside Drive, Tulsa) began in 2007 with the goals of “inspiring children, connecting families, and building community through exploration, exhibits, programming and play.” The Discovery Lab has three main areas to explore: the Main Hall, the Features Hall and the Make Shop.

14 Miles of Tape

The Main Hall is the home to large exhibits that come to the museum periodically. Tulsa Tape and Tunnels: Extraordinary Uses of Ordinary Materials lets visitors have the opportunity to build and create structures using a variety of materials, including giant foam blocks. They can also explore the Tulsa Tape Tunnel, which is without a doubt the most unique feature of the Discovery Lab. Constructed out of 480 rolls of clear packing tape—that’s over 14 miles of tape, in case you’re curious—the tunnel stretches around the upper perimeter of the Main Hall and allows climbers to get a bird’s eye view of the exhibits below. When you reach the end of the tunnel, you can slide back to ground level and start all over again. The Tulsa Tape Tunnel is sturdy enough for adults, too, so come prepared to get in on the fun!

The Discovery Lab’s Toddler Area is also located in the Main Hall. Designed just for little ones, this area is off limits to the big kids, so you don’t have to worry about toddlers colliding with tweens. There are plenty of age-appropriate toys and features to stimulate little brains and let them have a good time while older brothers and sisters play nearby where they can still be seen.

Electric Movement

One of the constants at the Discovery Lab is the Make Shop, where kids can stretch their imaginations and skills while coming up with their own unique creations. Each month the Make Shop has a different theme, such as paper crafts or take aparts and the shelves are well-stocked with supplies and books to spark kids’ ideas. The staff members in the Make Shop are so friendly and helpful and really work to help each child bring their idea to fruition, assisting and even teaching when necessary. Even though my kids are different ages and have different interests, they both agree that the Make Shop is one of their favorite things about the Discovery Lab.

For more information, call 918-295-8144 or visit www.tulsachildrensmuseum.org.

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