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Get Your Kids Reading

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Reading can be a difficult skill for young children to learn, which can make a reluctant reader out of a child who was formerly enthusiastic about books. When your young children begin to show an interest in independent reading, here are some tips to encourage them:

  • Model the behavior. Make a conscious effort for your child to witness you reading
  • Book baskets. A handy container with frequently rotated, themed or seasonal titles will always offer your child a fresh option.
  • Allow free exploration. Especially for toddlers, allow them to explore board books by turning pages and looking at pictures independently.
  • Shared reading. Take turns with your child reading aloud. This makes a great transition when a child is ready to "graduate" to chapter books.
  • Book discussion. Be open to your child’s opinion. Even at a young age, allow them to express their opinion of favorite books and authors.
  • Make the connection. While reading with your child, ask open-ended questions to guide them towards making a personal connection with the story. For example, if you are reading a book about horses, ask them to recall the last time they saw a horse.
  • Reread favorites. Hearing a specific story over and over again can support language development.
  • Have fun. Above all enjoy reading with your child! Like anything else, they can sense your attitude when you engage in these activities.

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