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Futsal Courts in the Metro

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Futsal courts have been popping up all over the metro as part of an initiative championed by Energy Assist Foundation, the non-profit arm of the OKC Energy FC. Futsal is a variant of soccer played on a smaller, fenced court, usually on a hard, lower maintenance surface. Game play is a fast paced, freestyle soccer played by teams of five, instead of the traditional 11-on-11.

Some of the courts are also designed for basketball.

Editor’s note: Many are at a Oklahoma City public schools however the courts are open for public use. Hours vary by location. 

  • Santa Fe South High School – 6921 Plaza  Mayor Blvd
  • Together Square – 400 W. Sheridan Ave
  • Garrison Park – 6940 NW 19th St, Bethany
  • OSU-OKC – 900 N Portland Ave
  • Crooked Oak Public Schools – 1901 SE 15th St
  • Capitol Hill Middle School – 2717 S Robinson Ave
  • F.D. Moon Middle School – 1900 NE 13th St
  • John Marshall Middle School – 2401 NW 115th Terr
  • Jefferson Middle School – 6800 S Blackwelder Ave
  • Mary Golda Ross Middle School – 2601 S Villa Ave
  • Southeast Middle School – 6700 S Hudson Ave
  • Star Spencer High School – 3001 Spencer Rd, Spencer
  • Webster Middle School – 6708 S Santa Fe Ave
  • Wheeler Middle School – 501 SE 25th St
  • City Center – 5731 NW 41st St, Warr Arces
  • Classen SAS Middle School – 1901 N Ellison Ave

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