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Free Crafts for Kids at Lakeshore Learning

by Sara Riester

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My daughter loves to do crafts, but I confess that I am not one of those crafty moms that can create fantastic Pinterest worthy projects. Craft time in our house usually consists of the standard coloring, painting with watercolors or gluing popsicle sticks together into a weird shaped mass. Last week, my daughter cut up pieces of construction paper, put them in a Ziploc bag, wrote her name on it and taped it to her wall. We were clearly in need of some new ideas.

I have wanted to check out the Free Crafts for Kids at Lakeshore Learning (6300 N May Ave, OKC) for sometime now, and last weekend, I finally got the opportunity. My daughter and I needed an outing and a free craft project fit the bill perfectly. Every Saturday from 11am-3pm, children ages 3 & older are invited to take part in a craft project at Lakeshore Learning Stores across the country. As it goes in our house, we didn’t manage to get there until 1:45pm. I was a little worried they might run out of supplies, but there were still plenty to go around when we left at 3pm.

Yes. We spent an hour and fifteen minutes in the store, and only a small part of that time was spent shopping. (Warning: This is an awesome store for anyone who loves crafts, books, learning toys, teaching supplies, etc. Enter at your own risk!) My daughter spent nearly an hour carefully decorating the snowman that held a small post it pad with magnets to go on the fridge. She took an occasional break to do a ballerina twirl and courtesy, but assured me she was not done and would continue working in a minute. It was a project worth the drive.

FREE Crafts for Kids is held every Saturday from 11am-3pm. Find the schedule of upcoming projects here or call 858-8778.


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