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Four tips to visit Orr Family Farm

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun offers the best in fall fun.

I've written about plans for experiencing some of what this season has to offer but we hadn't had a chance until this past weekend to see and do what I'd wanted to: a hay ride, choosing a pumpkin, playing outdoors in crisp autumn weather.

Orr Family Farm was our destination to do all of those things and then some. 

"What did you like best about visiting Orr Family Farm?," I ask my toddler, fully expecting him to describe the small train we rode around the property, the animals that inhabit it or the spider web trampoline. 

"I liked going with you best," he concluded. 

That's not the answer I expected at all but I appreciate his viewpoint. He's 3 and he gets it. Family, after all, is what the experience is really about,  these opportunities in which we take the time to go together. 

A place to make those memories is important and Orr Family Farm is this fall's place for us. 

Here are four tips to visit Orr Family Farm

Go with enough time: Visiting Orr Family Farm is a day-long fall adventure. An hour or two won't suffice to experience the corn crib, tractor races, fair food, haybale volleyball and still have a chance to choose a pumpkin with daylight. There are plenty of activities, so go early and plan to spend the day.  

Decide what you want to do: A map is provided with your admission tickets. Take a look and plan your route. The property is large, especially with small children in tow, so outline which way makes the most sense to start your tour and make the most of its activities.

Take cash: Be aware that some activities cost extra, like the pony rides and corn maze. Take cash and have in mind that you'll need it, in addition to snacks and lunch.

Bring hand sanitizer and extra socks: The farm's tractor races and huge trampoline areas are situated in silt. 

Wear slip-on shoes and know that your child's socks are going to get dirty. Keep extra socks at the ready to prevent "There's dirt in my shoe!" and "My feet are dirty." There are facilities on-site to wash little hands but take your own hand sanitizer for after the petting zoo and play equipment. 

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