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Five Easy Tips to Motivate Your Child to Read

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Hard copy books are now being replaced by reading apps and tablets. The form is changing. E-books and tablets are increasingly popular but the benefit is the same:  reading continues to be a source of knowledge, happiness and success in school and life. Reading offers context, exposure to the art of the written word, and increases true learning, according to early childhood specialists at Sylvan Learning.

Read Across America Day on March 1, 2013, is the largest celebration of reading in the country and a reminder that reading never goes out of style. Reading is an adventure that begins early in a child's life and should extend beyond the classroom.

Not sure where to start, or how to get your child involved? In celebration of the National Education Association’s Read Across America program, Sylvan Learning is offering five simple tips to jump-start reading in your family and inspire children to develop a lifelong friendship with the written word.

  1. Make it A Habit—Depending on your family's schedule, reading time might be in the morning, afternoon or before bed. Whatever time you choose, stick to it! Consistency is key to building good habits.
  2. Don’t Leave Home Without It—Bring reading tools with you wherever you go. Having a book, e-book or tablet handy at all times will help your child fit in reading at every chance he gets.
  3. Change Screen Time to Reading Time—Prioritize reading as a free-time activity on a tablet instead of playing a video game or watching TV. Download an audio book or a series of e-books for your child’s leisure reading.
  4. Share the Joy of Reading—Reading doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a fun activity. When children are pressured they may read only to please their parents. It is important to help your child find books at the appropriate reading level on subjects that interest them. Once you find books that can pique your child's interest, you may find her reading ahead on her own.
  5. Spice It Up—Any subject, no matter how interested your child is in that subject, can begin to feel dry if you focus all of your attention upon it. Offering a variety of texts is especially helpful: read non-fiction, stories, fables, mysteries and also newspapers, e-books and magazines. There are lots of free online reading resources and websites for kids' book choices.  Book Adventure, for example, has motivated almost two million kids to read for over a decade. 

“Encouraging children to read helps transform reading from a chore to a treat. Then, this basic skill becomes a learned behavior and an intellectual habit. Among reading’s benefits, many research studies have found that children who are read to or who read on their own at home do better in school,” says Richard E. Bavaria, Ph.D., senior vice president of education outreach for Sylvan Learning.

To join a Sylvan Learning center for a Read Across America reading event, please call 1-800-31-SUCCESS, or visit us on the web at

About Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of tutoring to students of all ages, grades and skill levels with over 30 years of experience and more than 800 centers located throughout North America. Sylvan's trained and Sylvan-certified personal instructors provide individualized instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills and test-prep for college entrance and state exams. For more information, call 1-800-31-SUCCESS or visit

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