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Find the MetroFamily Letterboxes

by Karen Mitchell

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In a previous issue of MetroFamily, we introduced you to Letterboxing, a family-friendly hobby that dates back to 1854 and incorporates treasure-hunting, art, exploration and navigation.

A series of clues leads the treasure hunters to the letterbox—a waterproof container that has been hidden by another party. A logbook and stamp (often hand-made) will usually be found within.

The hunter will exchange stamps (putting his own stamp in the logbook, and using the enclosed stamp to mark his own journal) before returning the letterbox to its hidden state for the next treasure hunter to find.

What to Bring Along on Your Adventure:

  • Notebook or journal to record your notes or stamps.

  • Map or directions of letterbox location.

  • Ink pad for stamps; markers may also be used in place of ink pad.

  • Compass for deciphering directions.

Tips for letterboxing:

  • Many letterboxes are in undeveloped natural areas; long pants, sturdy shoes and insect repellent should be considered as part of your standard equipment.

  • Hot summer days in Oklahoma and the possibility of a moderate hike mean that you should bring a bottle of water for everyone in your party.

  • Familiarize yourself with what poison ivy, oak and sumac look like, along with other potentially hazardous plants and animals.

  • Bring along a field guide to local flora and fauna to make the trip safer—with the added bonus that your letterboxing exploration may also serve as a nature hike.

  • Pack a picnic and a blanket to make a day of it.

  • Don’t forget your camera to capture those family moments!

Find the MetroFamily Letterboxes

Click on a location above and challenge your family to find all the letterboxes this year!

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