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Find the Letterbox in Edmond's Mitch Park

by Karen Mitchell

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Clues to the MetroFamily Letterbox

Welcome to the MetroFamily Mitch Park “Creek Side” Letterbox Hunt. The Letterbox was placed in September 2008 as a companion to the article about the hobby printed in our October 2008 issue. Read all about Letterboxing here, then use the clues to find the hidden box. Happy treasure hunting!

What to wear/what to take: Sturdy walking shoes, long pants, and a compass are recommended for this hunt.
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
Time Allotment: Allow yourself about an hour for this hunt (though you may want to schedule extra time if you search with small children or for park exploration).

Directions to Mitch Park in Edmond, Oklahoma: From I-35, exit on Covell Road and head west several miles. Head north on Santa Fe and the parking lot will be on the east side, in front of the Edmond Rugby fields. Park here to begin your search.


1. Once you park, you’ll see a small wooden fence. Pass through the wooden fence to the paved walking path and head north.

2. As you walk, you’ll pass through one of the highest points in Mitch Park. You’ll be walking through open fields of brush before entering more woodsy areas. Shortly after you pass the 1½ mile marker on the right, there is a paved path that veers to the right—continue on the main path and do not veer off.

3. You’ll then see a small windmill garden, immediately followed by another paved path to the right—continue on the main path and do not veer off.

4. You’ll go over a large bridge that crosses a creek. After crossing the bridge, the paved path splits with a stop sign as a land mark. Take the right path and continue for approximately 120 paces.

5. On your left, you’ll come upon an area with four pine trees. The first pine tree sits to the north of the other three that are clumped together further to the south. Stop at the lone, northernmost tree and look to the west of the paved path that you are on to find a wooded area. Look slightly northwest of the lone pine tree, to find a dirt path that leads down into the wooded creek area (approximately 15 paces from the path).

6. Start walking into the woods on this dirt path (be careful of the many exposed roots). The path immediately splits left or right. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see a tree on the right that has a hollowed bottom. At this split, take the left path for about 10 paces.

7. You will come to a Y split in the path (where you’ll see a crooked tree). Turn left at the crooked tree where the path is very narrow and has lots of roots. Continue for 15-20 paces on this dirt path. You will have to step down some natural “steps” created by roots and stone (be careful).

8. Continue on the dirt path for 20+ paces (you’ll see a tree with exposed roots to your upper left).  Continue several steps downward towards the creek until you come to a dirt mound (this mound has several trees growing from it including a cedar tree).

9. If you stand in front of this mound with the creek behind you, you’ll see several deciduous trees (non-cedars) up the hill towards the asphalt path.  In one of these trees is a hole in the base.  You and your family will have to search, but you will find our letterbox in this hole (held in place with a small rock).  Good luck!  Please replace the box as you discovered it to keep it hidden and safe.  If you do not see the box or find it in need of attention, please let us know!  Thanks and have fun!

Have fun finding this "treasure." And let us know what you think by commenting below. Enjoy!

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