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Find the Letterbox at Norman's Lake Thunderbird State Park

by Brooke Barnett

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To find this letterbox, head south on I-35 into Norman and head east on Alameda Street towards Lake Thunderbird. As you pass Porter Avenue, 12th Avenue SE, 24th Avenue SE, 36th Avenue SE and continue to 108th Avenue SE, notice how the scenery changes as you leave town.  How can you tell when you are getting close to the lake?  What types of businesses do you see?

Continue east on past the Indian Point Information Center at 132nd and Alameda, and continue as the road curves to the north. As you curve, you will pass one of the areas of the lake most heavily affected by the May 10, 2010 tornado. Can you still see evidence of the damage where the Little River Marina once stood? 

Continue driving north past the Indian Point Beach Shelter and the Hickory Hill Campground. Keep an eye out for Zoom Beach and the Indian Point Hiking Trail on your left. (If you see the Hog Creek Campgound sign, you’ve gone too far!)

Once you locate the entrance to the Indian Point Hiking Trail trail near Zoom Beach Drive, park and take a stroll down this nature path. Do you see cactus growing? Read the informational placard as you stroll. What is the most common wild cat in America? Are raccoons omnivorous? 

Go approximately 70 paces from the informational placard until you come to a "Y" in the trail. Take the left-hand path and continue for 20 more paces. Keep your eyes peeled for a large fallen log to the right and look just inside the southern end of the log for a letterboxing surprise. Be sure to leave your stamp in the logbook so we will know you were there!

Happy exploring!

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