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Favorite S’Mores Combos

Photo Credit: Erin Page

by Kirsten Holder

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Are you looking forward to cooler temps, camp fires and sweater weather?! Us, too! In the meantime, it’s never too hot for a good ole fashion s’more. Our readers and staff chimed in with some of their favorite unique s’mores combos! Get everyone together and add a “custom s’mores night” to your family fun to-do list.


Photo Credit: Erin Page
  • @mrsrobinson1227: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead of Hershey’s. So good!
  • @emileyruthb: My 11-year-old recommends using Thin Mints instead of graham crackers. 🙂
  • @michalightning: Add banana!
  • @kirstholder: Two graham crackers, double mallows and save the chocolate to pair with your wine 🙂
  • @casey.w.shupe: We have used waffle ice cream cones before instead of graham crackers. You load up your Hersey’s, Reese’s cups, marshmallows, etc in the ice cream cone and wrap it all up in foil. Then you poke the s’more stick through the hole in the bottom of the ice cream cone and put it on the fire!

    Photo Credit: Emiley Bainbridge
  • @lindsaycuomo: We have tried using Reese’s cups instead of basic chocolate bars, which is wonderful! Fudge stripe cookies are a shortcut way to have s’mores if you are someplace you don’t want to bring along a lot of supplies because the cookies and chocolate are all in one.
  • @sarah.metrofamily: Use dark chocolate instead of the “normal” Hershey’s!



Kirsten Holder is a transplant from Michigan but calls the “land that is grand” her home. She graduated from Oklahoma City University and is passionate about the arts, community development and small business. She is the senior project manager for MetroFamily Magazine, and lives in a historic pocket in OKC with her young kids Jimmy and Millie, husband Andrew and fur-child Clifford.

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