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University of Oklahoma Athletics

180 W Brooks, Suite 2525,
Norman, OK 73019

The University of Oklahoma Department of Athletics promotes excellence in athletics without compromising excellence in academics or integrity in its commitment to rules or conduct. Student-athletes are encouraged by the coaching and administrative staff to maintain a balance between athletics, academics and the social aspects of college. It is believed that athletic participation gives an added dimension to the student's overall college experience and provides an opportunity for social, moral, emotional and cultural growth and development.

The athletic programs strive to create traits that once acquired will carry over and benefit student-athletes in their personal and professional endeavors. OU maintains a tradition of excellence in intercollegiate athletics. The Department of Athletics continues to uphold this tradition by striving to make each athletic team and individual of championship caliber. Its staff members work to instill in student-athletes an appreciation for hard work, perseverance, and pride in accomplishment. It is believed these attributes will be utilized throughout the student-athlete's life.

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