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Wymer Brownlee – The Face of Financial Planning for Families

By Wymer Brownlee Wealth Strategies

Aaron Waters, Wealth Advisor, Shareholder

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Busy families don’t often have the time or resources to think through all the financial management issues that are important for long-term success. Aaron Waters of Wymer Brownlee Wealth Strategies understands this sentiment on a personal level. With three children including a newborn, he and his wife are in the midst of parenting life. But Waters’ extensive experience and training also helps him realize that, with a plan, families can weather the ups and downs of life more easily, saving them time and money in the long run.

“With our second child being born with special needs that resulted in large medical bills, I know firsthand how life can change suddenly,” says Waters. “I have a passion to help families set goals, create their plan and then work with them along the way to tweak that plan as needed.”

Waters helps families save time and hassle by providing a comprehensive approach to life planning issues. Among the services he offers are investment management; estate planning; tax planning and preparation; retirement planning; insurance; debt management; and planning for the “what ifs” in life, like advice about saving for a home, what kind of mortgage is best for your situation and how to save for your child’s education.

“The heart of what we want to provide is a place where anyone, no matter where they are in life, can find peace of mind,” adds Waters. “We want individuals, families and businesses to be prepared for the changes life inevitably brings us. One of my greatest privileges is to walk with families through that process.”


Wymer Brownlee Wealth Strategies

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