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Wymer Brownlee – The Face of Financial Planning for Families

Aaron Waters Wealth Advisor, Shareholder

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As a husband and father, with one of his children having special needs, Aaron Waters is particularly attuned to the importance of financial planning.

“Life happens — it’s beautiful and hard, sometimes in the same moment — and a financial plan can help you weather the unexpected events that come up,” said Waters. “Every family is different and I am honored to help my clients figure out their insurance needs, an estate plan, a savings and investment strategy and more that makes the most sense to them given their goals, dreams and situation.”

“A financial plan is not a ‘one-and-done’ document. Instead, I’m with my clients through all the ups and downs of life, suggesting changes to their plans as needed,” added Waters.

Growing up in small-town Oklahoma, Waters originally planned to go into banking. When introduced through a mentor to a career in financial planning for families, he knew that’s what he wanted to do with his talents.

“I see every day how a financial plan improves peoples’ lives for the better,” said Waters.

When asked who needs a financial plan, Waters is quick to answer, “Everyone, especially families.”

“Life often throws curve balls,” continued Waters. “My wife and I welcomed our daughter with Down syndrome into our lives two years ago and, soon after, she needed major heart surgery. Having a financial plan and then changing that plan as we needed to for our new situation contributed to our peace of mind. Helping others with their plans and helping them through life-changing events is what I’m passionate about.”


Aaron Waters

Wealth Advisor, Shareholder

Wymer Brownlee Wealth Strategies

13900 N Portland, Suite 210, OKC



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