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The Face of Roofing – Land Enterprises Roofing

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“It’s not been easy learning to be a solo parent, running a business, all while grieving. I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with wonderful family, friends and employees who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.” Kirsten Land

The owner of Land Enterprises Roofing, Kirsten Land, began her career as a special education teacher while her husband, Brian, worked on building the roofing company he started as student at Oklahoma State University. When they adopted their first child, Kirsten made the decision to stay at home but soon was working part time in her husband’s business. Her involvement grew to focus on customer service and sales.

After the sudden death of her husband, Kirsten chose to keep the company running and assumed Brian’s role as owner and president. Under her leadership, the company continues to focus on providing roofing services with excellent customer service and the highest integrity.

Land Enterprises Roofing uses the best quality materials and installation practices. For example, they intentionally use synthetic felt versus felt because it is an effective water barrier and less prone to tearing. Their roof maintenance program, provided either once or twice a year, includes a 12-point inspection to prevent expensive leaks, a cleaning of gutters and skylights, the trimming of limbs and the use of caulk to seal areas prone to leaking.

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Q&A with Kirsten Land, Land Enterprises Roofing

Tell us your story:

My former career was a special education teacher where I taught children who have learning differences. I taught middle school in the OKC district for over five years and high school in the Edmond district for seven years. I absolutely loved my career! When we adopted our first child, I decided to put my career on hold to be a full-time mom. It was a painful decision but it taught me that just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right decision.

My husband, Brian Land, started Land Enterprises Roofing in 1986 while still a student at Oklahoma State University. He built the company while I focused on my teaching career. Several months after leaving teaching he asked me to help him run the business. While our son attended a Mother’s Day out program two days a week, I worked in the office helping with customer service and creating systems and processes to help the business grow. Eventually, I became the sales manager.

In 2019, my mother passed away and a month and half later my husband died during open-heart surgery. It was the most painful moment of my entire life. With the support of my children, I chose to keep the company running and assumed Brian’s role of owner and president. It’s not been easy learning to be a solo parent, running a business all while grieving. I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with wonderful family, friends, and employees who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. It’s taken me a couple of years but I have worked hard to work through my grief and build a new vision for the company.

What is your companys mission? 

Our mission is to assess and assist customers with their roofing needs and help them stay within their budgets. We are accountable to the homeowners, investors, employees, contractors and suppliers to provide exceptional service with the highest integrity.

What is your biggest joy you find in your business? 

What I enjoy the most about running Land Enterprises Roofing is helping our customers navigate the roof replacement or repair process. The average life of a roof in Oklahoma is eight years. Having your house reroofed doesn’t happen that often but it is something we do every day. We take away the stress by being the homeowner’s one point of contact as we arrange for all of the work and materials that are needed to repair their home.

When a hail storm hits it not only damages the shingles on your roof but also damages other items like a pergola, windows or window screens, gutters, heat & air units etc. We coordinate all of the different trades that are needed to complete their repair and work directly with the homeowner’s insurance carrier to ensure they will receive all of the money required to return their home to pre-storm condition.

On the personal side of life, spending time with my children makes me happy. My boys have different interests and talents and I enjoy helping them to pursue those. Being a mom is my favorite role!

What would you like your business to be known for? 

I don’t have aspirations for our company to be the biggest roofing company but rather for it to be known as having the best customer service. We want our clients to walk away with a beautiful new roof and a feeling that we took care of everything for them,   that we gave them peace of mind with a concierge level of service.

What makes your company different from similar companies in our area? 

A big part of our business is that we receive business from referrals and don’t do a lot of advertising. We focus on customer service while using the best quality of materials and installation. Every house we roof receives ice and water shield around areas of the roof that are prone to leaks. We also use synthetic felt versus felt because it is lighter, has an effective water barrier and is less prone to tearing and we provide this at our cost because we know that a high-quality roofing system will stand the demands of the Oklahoma weather. While we honor our warranty we don’t want to cause our homeowner any inconvenience by fixing leaks. We also work closely with insurance agents to help their clients avoid filing zero-dollar claims and help real estate professionals get their client’s roof repaired or replaced so they get to the closing table on time.

What new products or services do you offer?

We are a residential roofing company that specializes in re-roofs, repairs and a roof maintenance program. Our roof maintenance program offers one- or two-time per year visits. During these visits, we do a twelve-point inspection with the sole purpose of preventing expensive leaks. We also will clean out gutters, clean skylights and trim limbs from the roofline and use caulk to seal any areas that could leak.


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