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Francis Tuttle Technology Center – The Face of Career & Technology Education

Dr. Michelle Keylon, Superintendent

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The best part of Dr. Michelle Keylon’s job as superintendent of Francis Tuttle is observing the transformation of students from starting at the technology center, unsure of themselves and questioning what they want to do, to becoming fully competent graduates, excited for a future in their chosen field.

“Every month, I’m able to meet with a different set of students to discuss their experiences while at Francis Tuttle and, without exception, by the end of their tenure at our school, they are confident they can make a difference with what they know and can do,” says Keylon. “I get particularly excited because I can immediately see the impact we have on these students and, in turn, how those students go on to benefit our community and state.”

During her tenure, Keylon has watched students’ lives transformed by the training and education through Francis Tuttle.

“One student, in particular, made a huge life decision to enter the workforce after being a stay-at-home mother of three who had not worked or been in school for years,” recounts Keylon. “She enrolled in a program to learn web design. The student was ready to make a big life change but knew in order to make it happen, she would need training to enter the workforce.”

Shortly after, her sister enrolled in the same program.

“It was remarkable to see multiple members from the same family thrive in their new careers after graduation,” says Keylon.

Keylon is proud of the way Francis Tuttle helps those unsure of their direction to find a program that fits their interests and skills.

“Any of our locations have career advisors ready to help anyone, including drop-ins, with assessments to take, brainstorming and more to find the right fit,” says Keylon.

Another facet that makes Francis Tuttle so helpful to their students is the deep connection with community members who share their understanding of what skills and training are needed in the workforce today.

“Each of the programs at Francis Tuttle has an advisory committee made up of members of our community who are experts in their fields,” explains Keylon. “These committees provide current feedback to teachers and administrators to make sure we’re offering the most up-to-date skills training education to students. We want our graduates to have the best opportunity to land a great position with a local, thriving business. Seeing that happen is thrilling to me.”


Francis Tuttle Technology Center

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