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The Face of Dentistry – Dental Depot

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“Every train has been handcrafted. None of them are the same. They all have their own story, like the offices themselves.” Nick Richardson, Dental Depot’s director of facilities

Dental Depot began humbly in a renovated duplex in the heart of Oklahoma City. Even from the start, owners Dr. Glenn (shown above) and Arlene Ashmore knew the practice needed to not only provide high-quality dental care but also be fun and inviting for children and adults. The couple was visiting FAO Schwarz in New York City in the late 1970s when they became intrigued with an electric model train circling overhead. Seeing how the train seemed to light up each room, inspiration struck and that began the theme (and the name) that honors the railway heritage of Oklahoma and the country.

Today Dental Depot has an entire staff of craftsmen in Oklahoma City who make the interior train systems and the exterior tracks, trains and other railway structures found at their many locations. Approximately 700 hours are needed to handcraft and assemble an individual train, with each being unique to their location.

In addition to the train theme that patients find inside and outside all 30 offices in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Missouri, Dental Depot is known for providing high-quality and compassionate dental care to their patients, Saturday hours and same-day emergency dental care. Some of the offices provide orthodontics as well as general dentistry.

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