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Enjoy Some Fall Magic at the Annual Paseo Fairy Ball

by Brooke Barnett

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I am not one to use the term "magical" loosely. Seriously, short of Disney World, I have a hard time describing just about anything about being truly magical.  I am well-known for using the word "awesome" ad naseum, but you will rarely hear the word "magical" come out of my mouth.

But there is one event coming up next weekend that I feel is truly worthy of both words—it is both awesome and completely magical.  The Paseo District's Annual Fairy Ball is a free event that truly brings childhood dreams to life, full of "real" fairies, flower crowns, and a twinkling garden in which to dance. We have taken my daughter twice, and the magic was immediately obvious to her.  "Oh, Mama! Those are real fairies!" she exclaimed while we sat watching the StarDanceSwan dancers perform in fanciful costumes and sparkly makeup on the "Fairy Green," covered in twinkling lights.

Where to Go:

The 2012 Fairy Fall on Paseo will be held on Saturday, September 15 from 7:00pm – 8:30pm in the Paseo Arts District (Dewey and NW 28th, just west of Paseo Grill.) Children of all ages are encouraged to dress up as a magical character of their choice, creating an event that is full of fairies, elves, bugs and more. Before the dance begins, kids can make fresh flower crowns and create wings to complete their costumes. Then, at twilight, the dancers of StarDanceSwan perform—and then the true magic begins. Under the glow of twinkling lights in the trees, the StarDanceSwan fairy dancers invite kids (and parents) to join them in the garden to dance to live acoustical music.

We attended the Fairy Ball with friends, and I wasn't sure if my daughter would actually go up and dance when the time came. But she and her little friend were completely smitten with one particular fairy dancer. Whether she noticed their star-smitten stares, or whether it was just more of the magic I mentioned, the fairy seemed to take notice and danced, hand-in-hand, with our girls. It was…well…magical watching this young dancer engage our children and spin them into the world of fairy tales. And the next thing I knew, my friend and I were both dancing, too. (Editor's Note: I am NOT a good dancer, but was so caught up in the moment that I felt like I was. Now that takes some real magic!)

For me, the event qualifies as noteworthy because it is full of everything that truly makes childhood magical—a sense of wonder, beauty and innocence, the thought that wonderful creatures such as fairies and "Once upon a time…" just might be real, the opportunity to dress up in public (which is always a plus for my little fairy), and a chance for she and I to create a special memory together.

The Fairy Ball is completely free and open to the public, but you can choose to make a donation to help offset the expenses of the event. Free street-side parking is available in the Paseo district, with ample parking in lots accessible across NW 30th Street. For more information, call the Paseo Arts Association at 525-2688, or visit www.thepaseo.com.

So, create a sparkling costume and plan for an enchanted evening with your child—and let the magic sweep you away! And if you see a grown woman out dancing with the fairies again, just try to pretend like it's not me….

Wishing you a magical weekend!

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