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Emergency Help: I’m Lost!

by Sara Kendall

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Of the many concerns facing a parent, the safety of their children is the greatest. It’s important to create teachable moments with your young child about key safety skills. Just thinking of the simple words “I’m lost” can be quite terrifying to many children. Get your child ready for this potential situation by ensuring they know some vital information:

  • Their full name, home address and emergency contact telephone numbers. Start out by teaching your preschooler to write their full name on an index card. Post the card on the bathroom mirror or in their bedroom. Reinforce until your child can say and spell them without looking at the card. Once they have mastered their name, move onto your home address and emergency contact telephone numbers.
  • How to find help and who to look for. Talk with your child about who they should approach if they get lost. First, look for a police officer. If not in sight, look for someone who works where they are lost like a librarian, cashier or someone in a uniform, and explain how community helpers might be strangers but also are in a position to help.

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